Ceiling Works

The purpose of False Ceilings or Drop Ceilings are to give your ceiling a classy and stylish look, providing you with space for concealed lighting. There is a space between false ceiling and real ceiling, whereby you can camouflage electrical wiring, pipes, ducts, lighting fixtures etc. The impressions and moods created by a flase ceiling with appropriate lighting arrangements will surpass normal lighting and design on a ceiling. It is also far cheaper than doing intricate design works on your ceiling.

Efficiency of your cooling and heating devices are improved by a False Ceiling. False Celings also offer you the opportunity to redesign the space easily, compared to real ceiling spaces. False ceilings can be used in any part of your home, but they are most used and best suited for your living room. The possibilities are limitless. You just have to delve a little and find the best ceiling option for your home. Alona Interiors will give you plenty of options on False Ceilings, allowing you to choose the best suited for your interiors and customize them according to your individual needs and comfort levels.